Enriching the live event fan experience

Our research and tools can help to accelerate new, unique Smart Venue applications that improve profitability, safety and customer experience.

Ultra-wideview capture and rendering

The consortium proves a feasibility of 8K-grade 360VR service to the real viewers at home. For that purpose, the consortium aims to provide an end-to-end solution for the 8K-grade 360VR service. On September 6, 2018, the world's first live intercontinental ultra-wide view broadcast has been transmitted between The Netherlands and Korea. 

Enhancing the pre/post-experience

Broadcasted events are enhanced with crowd contribution-based highlights, providing an immersive and multi-perspective race experience, curated by a professional editor.

Coach on the couch

We demonstrate a data-integrated interactive video system and mobile application, featuring navigable 360/UHD video and real-time player and game statistics.

Latest news

13 September 2018

At IBC 2018, MOS2S will demonstrate the world’s first intercontinental ultra-wide vision (UWV) transmission

Research foundation ETRI from South Korea will demonstrate the first intercontinental UWV live transmission between the Netherlands and South Korea...
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